that is why this weeks winners took the cake
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Added: Feb 7, 2013 1:45am Views: 1,428 Ratings: 0
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Feb 7, 2013 1:45am
Pledges in saran wrap, bobbing for dildos, and jalapeno blow jobs, that sounds like some serious hazing, the sort of hazing winners do. that is why this weeks winners took the cake! The brothers meticulously wrapped their pledges up they too abuse them by tea bagging, and making them squeal like pigs. and just left 'em out in the midst of campus as classes let out and everybody began to walk by. later they gave these would be frat chaps a quick quiz on the history and motto's of their dear fraternity. a wrong answer resulted in drinking exceedingly pleasant kool-aid. after the pledges had to bob for dildos whilst naked and in a tub of kool-aid water. but the evening highlight was the jalapeno blow jobs. The pledges had to rub jalapeno's on each others rods and the merely thing that would save 'em from the burn was a face hole full of milk.
Category: Groupsex
Tags: Groupsex milk The 3 winners get their prizes in the horse stable, and ooohhhh what a bunch of great prizes. Dildo in the ass, wanking whilst a horse watches, and blowing your pledge brothers! Gorgeous twinks Camden Christianson and Kaiden Ertelle are playing with their toy boats in the pool, when excitement strikes and they jump on every other. I can tell his mouth was red and a bit sore.
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